What created the brand?

    The story of how real love never dies came to existence is a journey that reflects my deep-rooted love for entrepreneurship, my pursuit of happiness and my belief in the power of love. It all began with a burning desire to find a venture that truly resonated with my passions, I dabbled in various online ventures like YouTube, drop shipping selling on platforms like Amazon, or eBay. These ventures did bring in some financial success, but they failed to ignite the excitement and joy I was looking for.


  It was during this time of soul-searching, that the idea for real love never dies, started to take shape. I realized that I needed to create something that was more than just a business. I wanted to create something that could be a reflection of my own love and passion which was a clothing brand.


 It was more than a clothing brand it was a testament to the idea that love isn’t confined to romantic relationships, but it could be also applied to all aspects of life.


Real love never dies was my way of acknowledging that love can be found in the dedication of athletes, the creativity of artist or even the artistry of photography. It became a symbol of how love fuels our deepest passions. It could be a driving force behind everything we do.


In the end, real love, never dies is not just a brand it’s a testament to the journey of rediscovery, and the realization that true fulfillment lies in channeling our love and passion into everything we do. It's a reminder that love is just not a feeling but a powerful force that can shape our lives in the most meaningful ways. So, when you see someone wearing real love never dies you will know that love is the driving force behind their passions and their life’s greatest inspirations.

Our Motto :Through thick & thin keep loving.
RealActually existing as a thing or occurring infact, not imagined or supposed
Love: An intense feeling of deep affection
Never: At no time in the past or future; on no occasion; not never
Dies: Stop living